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2 X Colouring Wooden Jacob'S Ladder With 12 Colours Washable Markers

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These classic washable markers are ideal for young children to use. Your child can create and draw with no need to worry about making a mess. Tips are specially formulated to provide bright, vivid colors and long lasting ink. These markers have a versatile conical tip that draws both thick or thin lines - great for both fine detail and broad colouring.

2x NG23177 LIFE CYCLE JACOB'S LADDERS (1 Chicken and 1 Frog)

Jacob's Ladder is an enchanting toy. When the ladder is held at one end, blocks appear to cascade down the strings. Each block is held together by a ribbon. Hold the ladder on one side and it shows the life cycle of the the chick and flip over it show the full adult chicken . For wholesale this box comes in mixed box of the life cycle of a chicken and a frog. Kids will have hours of fun watching and flipping. Helps with fine motor skills.