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Adventures of the Kindreds Kidlets - Chapter 01-02 - Ambushed

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The Road to Phandalin


The arrow zipped by Freddie's head, narrowly missing his ear as it buried itself into a tree behind. Reaching a hand up to check for blood, turning to see what had flown by him, the silver scaled Dragonborn let out a yell to his companions. "Ambush!"

Windsweeper quickly knocked an arrow, surveying the treeline from where the arrow had begun its journey. Ducking from another volley, he drew the bow, and let fire. The arrow shot from his finely crafted Elven bow struck true, pinning the goblins hand to the tree. No sooner had fired, and yelled to his team that there were goblins about, than two more of the small creatures ran from the treeline with swords in hand. 

Slashing at Rowina and Freddie with their rusted blades. Grunting through fetid breath and rotten fangs. Freddie managed to fend off the little pest, however the young wizard Rowina wasn't so lucky. With a scream she fell backwards, away from the blade that had just sliced through her flesh. Instinctively, she threw out her hands towards the beast, uttering words of power and bringing forth a bubble of acid to hurl at the goblin in retribution. Lurching backwards and dropping its' sword to the ground, hands flying to its' face, the goblin let out a cry of anguish, that was quickly cut short when it was wrapped in a vine of spikes and pulled away from Rowina. 

Zinovia had plucked a thorny vine from the ground nearby, and calling upon the forces of nature to aid her, had thrust her hand outwards. The small plant seemed to grow and extend itself towards the pained and panicked goblin, and with a 'crack' like that of a whip, it wrapped itself around the creature, thorns biting into flesh as Zinovia pulled it towards herself. With a final gasp and croak, it fell down, motionless. It was then that the long haired druid yelled out in pain, an arrow lodging itself into her brown thigh. Reaching down to put pressure on the wound, she turned to look at her assailant. 

There was a yelp as Freddie landed a kick to the midriff of his green assailant, before Windsweeper took aim again at his target. As the arrow was about to strike its' mark, the goblin managed to pull himself free, dropping out of the way as the arrowhead cracked into the wood of the tree. It began to charge forward towards the ranger. As it neared, hands outstretched and rage in it's dark, red eyes, it burst into flame. Rowina had taken cover behind one of the dead horses, and was now letting loose balls of fire from her fingers. The shock of the fire bolt was only enough to slow the creature down. 

It was then that Turtle jumped into the fray. Yelling out his own battle-cry, he brought his huge sword down upon the creature, cleaving an arm from its' small body, and leaving to crumple to the ground. Turning his attention towards the archer, he bellowed a challenge to the creature, before beginning to stride towards it. This small goblin was now the last one left of the ambushers. Zinovia and Freddie had dealt with the other. A combination of javelins and kicks had seen to that without too much trouble. With a yelp, the sole remaining goblin dropped his weapons, turned, and bolted into the forest. Disappearing quickly into the underbrush. 

The group gathered themselves, checked the perimeter and tended to their wounds. With a little time on their side, they find a empty map case lying in the dirt at the edge of the road. As Freddie, Turtle and Rowina work to move the dead horses enough for the wagon to pass, Zinovia and Windsweeper attempt to track the goblin. Returning to find Freddie hunched over, inspecting the saddle of one of the horses, they fill the team in. 

"We found a trail, looks like it has been used recently, and often. Everything alright Freddie?"

"This was Gundren's horse, the little buggers must have taken him!"

Zinovia gently places a hand on his shoulder. "We'll go searching for him. But first, let's get these supplies through to town, and let the wounded recover. We can return in the morning. We might be able to get some more info as well from the locals."

And so, the group somberly got the wagon moving again, making their way to the small town of Phandalin.


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