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Adventures of the Kindreds Kidlets - Prologue - Introductions.

Posted by Stuart Fearon on

The objective was straight forward. Escort a caravan of supplies along the trade routes of the Sword Coast. And so our band of travellers set off. 

 And so, let the introductions begin.

We are a family of 7 - with the kidlets between 5 & 13 (when we started in 2017). We found that it was a good way to get everyone around the table and interacting together, exploring different personalities, dynamics, and consequences for actions.

And so, in order of age from youngest to oldest.

a person wearing a costumeO - playing as Turtle the Tortle Barbarian. A simple choice for the youngest, who quite often would get distracted and go and play. Turtle allowed O to join in whenever he was ready, often charging in at the last minute to slay a foe.

a statue of a personN - Our little old man plays Freddie, the grumpy, belligerent Dragonborn Sorcerer. A silver dragon who, despite his growing magical powers, simply wants to kick everything.

a person standing in front of a dollT - The middle child, and only girl (outside of Mum, of course). The young Wizard, fresh from her learning at the academy, hair flowing as she experiences the world for the first time. Proclaiming to be a princess, from where, nobody knows. 

a close up of a mans faceM - Our Elven Ranger. Quiet and reserved just like the boy that plays him. Clad in green and camouflaged, inquisitive, caring and ready with a bow.

a man wearing a costumeC - The eldest, playing De-Kere, a Human fighter of some experience. While his heart is in the right place, quite often some of his decisions are.... Questionable. 

a man in a uniformMum - Zinovia, our Druid. Trying her best to keep the team on track, this dark skinned human is unique in the way she sometimes handles an enemy. 


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